Free the artist, Free the world.

Welcome to the home of vibration...

vibrahome - a non-profit record label that provides publication, promotion, and more; all at no cost to our independent artists. 

We believe in supporting the creatives in a way that nobody else will, so that they can focus on what they do best; moving the world.

Our artists keep 100% of their rights and royalties, without us asking for anything in return. We are leaving it up to the world to choose how they support the movement. Wether that's through donating to the record label, supporting the artists directly, or maybe even by purchasing upcoming exclusives, merchandise, or tickets for events.

There's a brighter future ahead for all of us. We've only just begun.


If you're still wondering if this is legit, let us eliminate your worries by proving our legitimacy as a record label that is legally authorized to publish and protect your work. You can find our company name listed on the authorized isrc managers list located on the official USISRC website* (link below) which is the music industry standard when it comes to legal and legitimate copyright protection. 


If you are an independent artist who is interested in seeing what services we can provide for you,

feel free to reach out to our email 

You could also connect with us through social media.


If you would like to support the movement, and believe that freeing the artist will free the world, you're welcome to donate to our funding campaign at the link below. Considering that we take no revenue from our artists whatsoever, any and every donation is immensely appreciated regardless of the amount.